Marko Kriegel from Duisburg is the first of our PhD students, who went abroad to visit the colleagues in Canada. He spent three weeks at the University of Waterloo with Germán Sciaini and his working group. After a short period of acclimatization and a very intensive safety training, Marko was already allowed to work on the system himself, doing some practice measurements.

“German Sciaini’s group gave me a very open-hearted welcome. Getting to know the Canadian team, the facilities over there as well as necessary organizational processes and especially experiencing the local lifestyle have made the trip very valuable for me.”, says Marko. Only the arduous journey, that ultimately took 25 hours, so Marko arrived way later than expected in his accommodation, remains as a negative impression from his research visit. But who can not tell, that such a trip is always good for surprises.

“I’m already planning to be back in Waterloo in the fall this year. Then I will bring my own samples and perform measurements for the IRTG – for this, of course, things must go well in the lab so far.”

We wish you all the best for your work and measurements, Marko!