Annual Status Meeting

A lot has happened in our project on scalable 2D-materials architectures this year! Now it was time to update each other on the progress in terms of the first annual status meeting. All PhD and MASc students had the opportunity to show their findings and further plans by means of presentations or posters. PhD and … Read more

2D-MATURE Seminar #6

We had the pleasure to host Professor Adina Luican-Mayer for our October seminar on 2D-MATURE. She is an associated Professor and Interim Chair of the Physics Department at the University of Ottawa, where her laboratory integrates scanning probe microscopy and fabrication of custom materials and nanodevices. In her talk she gave insights on the progress … Read more

New ACS NANO Publication

2D materials under pressure They are extremely thin, often only one atomic layer thick, which is why they are called “two-dimensional”: These new materials have unusual properties that make them interesting for energy applications, catalysts or sensors, for example. The challenge is to be able to produce a high material quality even on an industrial … Read more

2D-MATURE Seminar #5

Professor Miguel Marques has been the fifth speaker in the seminar series. He is a new professor at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, where he holds the newly established chair “Artificial Intelligence for Integrated Materials Science”. Further, he is a member of the new, interdisciplinary Research Center Future Energy Materials and Systems (RC FEMS). In his talk “Searching … Read more

2D-MATURE Seminar #4

In August the 2D-MATURE team in Waterloo welcomed Dominik P.J. Barz from Queen’s University. He has academic and professional experience in areas encompassing various subjects. He started his career working as a laboratory engineer focussing on the development of polymer electrolyte fuel cells and other electrochemical systems. Thereafter, his interests have been focused on the … Read more

Summer School #1 | Hands On Training

Wow, we are still amazed by this motivation and drive of the 2D-MATURE team. Within two weeks our PhD and MASc students put their research into action. Beforehand all PhD students in Duisburg prepared a group work based on their research projects, which were then carried out in small groups of two to three people. … Read more

2D-MATURE Seminar #3

Within the first week of our hands on training we had the chance to hold the third 2D-MATURE seminar, as Professor Tong Zhu from the Lab of Laser Micro/Nano Fabrication, School of Mechanical Engineering in Beijing’s Institute of Technology (BIT) was visiting UDE. Serving as the Associate Chair of Manufacturing Engineering Department at BIT as … Read more

Summer School #1 | Kickoff

The kickoff week of our first summer school just ended. The schedule was packed with learning, research and fun activities. We started on Monday and Tuesday with a lecture part to set a basis for upcoming days. Principal investigators from the University of Waterloo (UW), RWTH Aachen University and the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) have … Read more

2D-MATURE Seminar #2

In May our seminar series continued. This time our invited guest, Andrew Pollard, was hosted in Waterloo. Andrew Pollard is the Science Area Leader of the Surface Technology Group at the National Physics Laboratory (NPL), conducting research on the structural and chemical characterisation of graphene and related 2D materials. He is a member of the … Read more

2D-MATURE Seminar #1

In April we started our seminar series on 2D-MATURE. The first guest speaker, Prof. Kerstin Volz from Philipps-University of Marburg, visited our international research and training group in Duisburg and gave a talk on “2D materials: from scalable MOCVD growth to quantitative structural characterization at the atomic scale”. 2D-MATURE members from the University of Waterloo … Read more