The 2024 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit was held April 22-26, 2024 in Seattle, Washington, and we are so proud of all our 2D-MATURE members, who got their work accepted for presentation at this key forum.



Muhammad Ali – Formation of Silicon/Graphene Heterostructures through Co-Gas-Phase Synthesis

Tobiloba G. Fabunmi – Charge Carrier Balance in Scalable TMDC-Based Light Emitting Devices

Umut Kaya – Direct Growth of Graphene on Dielectric Materials by Low Temperature Plasma-Enhanced CVD

Osamah Kharsah – Optoelectronic Interactions of WS 2-ZnO for Scalable LEDs Based on Two-Dimensional Materials

Qianyi Ma – Regulation of Outer Solvation Shell toward Superior Low-Temperature Aqueous Zinc-Ion Batteries

Wolfgang Mertin – Graphene-Enhanced UVC-LEDs

Henrik Myja – Exciton and Trion Emission in Wafer-Scale MoS 2 Layers – The Role of Bilayer Islands

Ornel Padilla – Understanding Graphene Inception and Growing by Investigating Early-Stage Particle Formation

Rodney Smith – Analysis of Defects in Electrocatalysts using Variable Temperature Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Phase Transition Mechanisms

Michael A. Pope – Exploring The Potential of Laser-Induced Graphene (LIG) from Polyfurfuryl Alcohol (PFA) for High-Performance Electrodes in Batteries and Supercapacitors

Michael A. Pope – Manipulating 2D Materials at The Air-Water Interface: Towards Printing on Water

Leon Spee – Photo-Gating through Unidirectional Charge Carrier Funneling in 2D TMDC / 2D Perovskite Heterostructure-Photodetectors

Armin Sahinovic – Design of Electronic Structure and Transport in S-Doped Few-Layer Graphene

Dedi Sutarma – Understanding The Role of Defects in WS 2 Layer in Contact with ZnO Substrate

Christian Viernes – Monitoring Ultrafast Structural Phenomena in 2D Materials by Femtosecond Electron Diffraction

Jun Wang – Methodology: Bayesian for Identifying Defects in Two-Dimensional Materials in a Scalable Way.

Nicholas Wilson – A Scalable Electrochemical Intercalation of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Powders

Aiping Yu – Vacancy and Growth Modulation of Cobalt Hexacyanoferrate by Porous MXene for Zinc Ion Batteries

Ruofei Zheng- Atomic Spatiotemporal Characterization of Light-Emitting 2D Materials by Cathodoluminescence and Femtosecond Photoluminescence Spectroscopies