In August the 2D-MATURE team in Waterloo welcomed Dominik P.J. Barz from Queen’s University. He has academic and professional experience in areas encompassing various subjects. He started his career working as a laboratory engineer focussing on the development of polymer electrolyte fuel cells and other electrochemical systems. Thereafter, his interests have been focused on the advancement of Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies including research on Microfluidics and Transport & Interface Phenomena. Currently, the group’s research focusses on electrochemical and materials engineering; especially electrochemical energy storage devices such as supercapacitors and batteries with an emphasis on their hybridization. Here, different fabrication methods such as printing and self-assembly are used.

In terms of our seminar series he shared knowledge and experiences in the utilization of graphene for different energy storage systems. Printing and self-assembly of graphene electrodes for flexible supercapacitors, the doping of graphene with heteroatoms to increase the performance of vanadium based-hybrids, as well as how doped graphene electrodes increase and considerable extend the performance of Zinc-lodine batteries were discussed.

It was a pleasure to have you as a speaker, Dominik Barz!