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2D-MATURE Seminar #11

April 23, 2024|

Our last seminar on May 2nd, 2024, was all about "Vodka, Diamonds, and Graphene". Our invited guest was Albert Dato, who is currently a professor at Harvey Mudd College, where [...]

2D-MATURE Seminar #10

April 12, 2024|

It was an honor to have Professor Jonathan Coleman from the Trinity College Dublin as a speaker for the seminar. Professor Coleman is currently the Erasmus Smith's Professor of Natural [...]

New ACS Omega Publication

March 13, 2024|

Al-Basheer, W., Viernes, C., Cheng, M., Zheng, R., Netzke, S., Pichugin, K. and Sciaini, G., 2024. Determining the Out-of-Plane Longitudinal Sound Speed in GeS by Broadband Time-Domain Brillouin Scattering, ACS [...]

New Materials Horizons Publication

March 5, 2024|

Kumar, A., Intonti, K., Viscardi, L., Durante, O., Pelella, A., Kharsah, O., Sleziona, S., Giubileo, F., Martucciello, N., Ciambelli, P., Schleberger, M. and Di Bartolomeo, A., 2024. Memory effect and [...]

2D-MATURE Seminar #9

March 1, 2024|

The second speaker from our own ranks is Professor Aiping Yu, who is currently a chemical engineering professor at the University of Waterloo. With her research she has already made [...]

Meet ORnel José Padilla Estrada

February 14, 2024|

Since science communication is crucial in today’s research environment, the Center for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen regularly organizes Elevator Pitch Workshops for early career researchers. Our PhD student ORnel took this [...]

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