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New Surfaces and Interfaces Publication

May 6, 2024|

Viscardi, L., Durante, O., De Stefano, S., Intonti, K., Kumar, [...]

New ACS Omega Publication

March 13, 2024|

Al-Basheer, W., Viernes, C., Cheng, M., Zheng, R., Netzke, S., [...]

New Materials Horizons Publication

March 5, 2024|

Kumar, A., Intonti, K., Viscardi, L., Durante, O., Pelella, A., [...]

New Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A Publication

February 7, 2024|

Maas, A., Mistry, K., Sleziona, S., Alshehri, A.H., Asgarimoghaddam, H., [...]

New Physical Review Materials Publication

November 6, 2023|

Sahinovic, A., Geisler, B. and Pentcheva, R., 2023. Nature of [...]

New Nanoscale Advances Publication

October 25, 2023|

Sleziona, S., Pelella, A., Faella, E., Kharsah, O., Skopinski, L., [...]

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