In May our seminar series continued. This time our invited guest, Andrew Pollard, was hosted in Waterloo. Andrew Pollard is the Science Area Leader of the Surface Technology Group at the National Physics Laboratory (NPL), conducting research on the structural and chemical characterisation of graphene and related 2D materials. He is a member of the ISO working group ‘Measurement and Characterisation’ within the ‘Nanotechnologies’ Technical Committee (TC229) and leads the development of international graphene standards, including the first published graphene ISO standards on terminology and characterisation.

In his talk “Ensuring Accuracy for Graphene Applications through Measurement and Standardisation” he addressed the need for reliable, accurate and precise measurements for material testing, which are standardised across the industry and therefore allow endusers to be able to compare commercially-available materials from around the world.

Thank you for the interesting insights into your work, Andrew Pollard!